Jersey Devil Press is a small independent publisher, once nestled in the upper right ventricle of northern New Jersey, then briefly wandering amongst the swirling sands and ever-present rattlesnakes of New Mexico, and now championed from the earthly paradise that is central New Jersey, revealing itself only to release a monthly online magazine of short fiction, publish the occasional novel or story collection, and, sometimes, if it’s feeling a little frisky, to write gratuitous run-on sentences and publicly decry the downfall of humanity that is Jersey Shore.

Submissions should be less than 4,200 words. We’d prefer an even 4,000, but we know those last sentences can turn into pages. We’re also OK with flash fiction, if that’s your thing.

All submissions should include a third-person bio. Third-person. If you send a first-person bio, there's a very good chance we'll roll our eyes and assume terrible things about you.

You will win our instant favor and esteem if you place your bio in the same document as your story, preferably at the end.

Please submit only one story at a time, and please wait at least one month after receiving a response before submitting another story.

Submit up to 100 lines* of poetry (excluding titles and
spaces) in a single file. It can be one long poem or several short poems, as
long as the total line count is 100 or less.

We like metrical poetry and traditional forms. Rhyming is
okay if it's clever. Free verse and prose poems should demonstrate an awareness
of sound and have vivid imagery. Weird, funny, dark, lyric, narrative—it's all

Please refrain from sending poems with wonky-ass formatting.
If it can't be left-justified, we can't publish it. Sorry, but them's the

Simultaneous submissions are fine. If you need to withdraw a
single poem from a batch, please send an email to info [at] jerseydevilpress
[dot] com indicating which poem is no longer available. No reprints.

*If prose poems are your thing, please send 1-3 and give us
the word count (instead of the line count).

Please wait at least a month after receiving a response before submitting more poems.

Jersey Devil Press